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a nefarius plans. we don't know, they met and planned to release it to destroy reputation. that's what surveillance scandals in the past have been about. >> glen greenwald, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up -- how to talk more of how to talk to your crazy
, take credit for someone else's words. i don't know why he won't and doesn't admit that they took the words and took credit. this is something you learn in high school. why not remember the rules and follow them. if you don't set up the words as borrowed, you're taking credit for them yourselves. that's unacceptable. david corn of mother jones and josh marshall is founder of talking points memo. let's get to the evidence that senator paul has plagiarized. this book, "government bullies" complete with paul's picture and name on the top contains a large section lifted verbatim from a heritage foundation report. the copied second, 1318 words, is by far the most significant instance reported so far of paul borrowing language from other published material. well, the website buzzfeed went on to say there is a link to the heritage report in the back of his book but did not say the words were a direct lift. from page 132 of his book, quote, this prosecution also reveals the risks of federalizing criminal law. observers have long warned against allowing the federal government to encroach o
. forefits the rest. his arraignment is in january. as to how he came up with the $900. i don't know. perhaps friends or supporters. because as you say, he said he had $100 to his name. he is in debt $2.5 million by the way. who does he owe $2 million to? it has to be his attorneys, o'merar a o'mera and west. >> i want to go back to his wife, shellie zimmerman, she is divorcing him. said in september about george zimmerman. >> in my opinion, hecibl invincible. he is making reckless decision sz. i have been married to a person for almost seven years and i don't think i ever really knew him at all. >> joy, that was right after she had an incident with, her father did, with george zimmerman. in which in the end they decided not to get involved by pressing charges because, it could be complicated for her but that invincible -- feeling -- seems to be, what, what is being demonstrat demonstrated. >> remember the track record is that his encounters with law enforcement, ended in his favor. an additional incident with a police officer, he was accused, charged with battering an officer. ended up being
could say a lot of things about chris mcdaniel but don't you ever say he voted democrat. liberals and rhinos, you just crossed line. >> coming soon to a tv machine near you, mississippi. coming soon. >>> now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> today, the president tried to stop the panic among some congressional democrats over the affordable care act. >> there is no doubt that people are frustrated and we should have done a better job. >> the president is going to announce some kind of fix. >> some sort of fix. >> administrative fix to the affordable care act. >> i understand why folks are frustrated. >> if you like your plan, you really can keep the plan. at least for a while. >> today we're going to extend that principle. >> trying to keep his original promise. >> insurers can keep their plan into 2014. >> that's on me. we should have done a better job. >> president obama gets an earful from fellow democrats. >> we believe this needs to be fixed. >> i think we can get it fixed. >> they are worried now about the mid-term elections. >> what
waiting for a really long time to try to get health care because they don't have it. and, you know, i am very frustrated. but i'm also somebody who, if i fumbled the ball, you know, i'm going to wait until i get the next play. then i'm going to try to run as hard as i can and do right by the team. ultimately i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it. what i'm going to do is make sure that we get it fixed. >> the president, who is not running for re-election, did everything he could to take the politic. >> cal: pressure off the people who are. congressional democrats. >> there is no doubt that our failure to roll out the aca smoothly has put a burden on democrats, whether they're running or not. because they stood up and supported this effort through thick and thin. and, you know, i feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them rather than easier for them to continue to promote the core values that i think led him to support this thing in the first place. >> president obama said the criticism he has been facing has been, quote, deserved. he also said he understands h
would not be attempting to use the filibuster this way to that degree anyway. they don't need that protection in the minority. >> no, absolutely right. i think that the, the abuse went too far. i mean to reject, not one, not two, but three of the president's nominees including patricia miller who is incredibly respected across the board. that was a slap in the face. i also think, rejecting mel watt. really for the housing job, really infuriated democrats. you are right. if you go back in history. democrats have opposed republican nominees. robert bourke and beat him on a majority vote. they haven't used the filibuster very much. the figures you cited. 168. in all of our history. almost half under obama. same on judges. go back the last 45 years or so. most of those are against obama. so i think that, democrats decided they had little to use in the long run. obama has three years needs to govern. >> alex wagner, my favorite thing said in the last week or so. chuck grassley, on the senate floor, said if you guys do this, then, you know we are just going to when we get back in po
the republicans stop? >> please don't answer yet. >> let fight begin. >> we have got to get the website up and running. >> we believe site will be working smoothly by the end of the month. >> democrats are confident. >> nobody in this room. nobody in this country. >> this is not about politics. >> this is barbaric politics. >>> there is a brewing revolt tonight among democrats in the house of representatives according to at least one unnamed democrat who told nbc news today -- there is a brewing revolt among house democrats, the white house never has our back on these types of things. they have no plan b, no apparent fix. they're clueless on top of that. bill clinton sure as hell didn't make it any easier for this white house with his comments. they need to figure something out by friday. fast. on friday, house republicans will introduce a bill that will allow people who have had their insurance plans canceled to keep those plans if they still exist for one year. even if the coverage is below the required minimum under the affordable care act. that will surely attract some democratic votes
to come out swinging against chris christie. >> i don't get into these labels. that's the washington d.c. game. >> fresh off of his reelection. >> chris christie doing a victory lap. >> i'm focused on being the gompbor of new jersey. >> i'm the governor of new jersey. that's my job. >> i'm doing my job in the state of new jersey. >> he was a successful governor in new jersey. >> when you stand in the middle of the road you're going to get hit. >> is a conservative in new jersey a conservative in the rest of the country? >> sarah palin is an entertainer, not a politician. >> the biggest enemy is his own party. >> what you need to do is show up. >> you need conservatives and moderates. >> the political buzz is already focusing on 2016. >> that's the washington d.c. game. >> i don't think we learned much from the interviews themselves. >> christie is going to have a difficult time. >> did you see his convention speech? it was really bad. i'm now a single issue voter so christie is off my list. >> we have seen republicans go after ted cruz and now we're watching republicans go after chris
don't know how that strengthens the law. think it weakens it. >> david kay johnston, the target that jay carney drew, pretty narrow one. people in the market place who cannot afford or find a plan that they can afford. now, most, a lot of people we are talking about will get subsidies in the, in the system, so the affordability factor actually applies to very, very few people. >> yeah, most people will actually be better off in the situation they're describing under the plans. but i have a different take on this. lawrence, i don't think the president ever meant, you will have the exact plan you have. that's impossible. companies change their plans every year. everybody in america with health insurance knows their plan changes every year. what he was saying if you don't want to be in the exchanges and been private health care you can still do it. that was the point that i thought always understood he was making. >> let's listen to what bill clinton said is the take away, the one line if you could quote one line from bill clinton about the affordable care act. he would like it to
that the clock is ticking. >> the american people don't want the government to shut down and they don't want obama care. >> policy versus politics versus plans. >> ideology matters more than elect bltd. >> the thing that has held the republican party back in the obama era. >> the whole country is looking to new jersey for leadership. >> we have to govern something. >> a growing frustration within both political parties. >> washington is just constipated. >> with regards to what has gone on in washington. >> with the shut down, if you will. >> the shut down was so magnificent. run beautifully. i'm so proud of these republicans. >> i thought it would not be effective and it was not. >> is there not a time where you wish you would have voted for mitt romney. >> i always like to start with a joke. >> five years ago tonight, barack obama was elected the 44th president of the united states. he spoke to supporters at the organizing for action summit to remind them what winning the white house was all about and tell them he has one more campaign in him. >> i promise that by the end of my first term,
because the website is not working right. they don't know it right? even though it is a small percentage of folks who may be disadvantaged it means a lot to them. it is scary to them. i am sorry that they -- you know, are finding themselves in this situation based on -- assurances they got from me. we have got to work hard to make sure that -- they know we hear them and that we are going to do everything we can to, to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> getting tough criticisms on this quote. clarence page, home town newspaper, "chicago tribune," not a columnist that likes to throw bombs inside the white house, supportive of what you said. characterized it as a political lie, the sort of rosie promise politicians some times make with passion and confidence that they actually may have convinced even themselves that it is true. is that the position -- the politics -- did politics play a role and you felt as if the republicans were throwing stuff at the law, you are trying to pass it, you are trying to do this that you short-handed this? >> n
cuccinelli and winner chris christie on issues important to women? i don't mean the crazy stuff that is now -- the question of anti-sodomy laws in virginia which the supreme court took care of. even, doesn't matter what cuccinelli thinks of that. in practical governing terms. what's the difference between cuccinelli and christie on the issues. >> really, nothing. if you drill down into chris christie's victory. it was a victory for chris christie. that's pretty much it. he has an outside personality. no question about that. people are grateful to him the i am from a state where i under stand, gratefulness after a governor has, you know come in and, helped, their people after a natural disaster look hurricane sandy was. look at the results, the rest of the state. the state senate, despite millions of dollars being poured in. didn't lose a single seat in the state senate. the voters passed it in new jersey last night. you have a regard he can't brag about. the highest foreclosure rate in the country. in terms of issues important to women. and middle-class, working families. chris christie is
with them? >> i don't have anything to say. >> okay. hold on one moment. i'm getting the information to the officer. >> were there any weapons involved? >> she has weapons in the house. >> there are weapons in the house? >> yes, it's her house. she has got a 9 mm. i have my firearm. she was throwing my stuff out and one of the bags was one of my firearms. i never pulled a firearm, i never displayed it. when i was packing it i'm sure she saw it. >> okay. is her weapon put up? >> i have no idea. it's hers. >> what about your weapon? >> it's in a bag, locked. >> okay. are they still knocking on the door? >> no. i just wanted to leave. she told me that it was better. she is pregnant with our child and she told me it was better if she raised the child on her own. i said are you sure? as soon as i start packi ining y stuff to leave, she completely changed. >> when you say she changed, what did she do? >> at first she was letting me pack my stuff so we could go our own ways. when she changed she just started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me, throwing it outside, throwing it
of the polling. i don't think that you can make that case. >> nbc's chuck todd. thank you for joining us on this election night, chuck. >> you go out. >> joining me now, crystal ball, former virginia congressional candidate herself. msnbc analyst, steve schmidt, msnbc analyst, national affairs editor for new york magazine. and author of a book you might have heard of. double down. which is just everywhere. he is also an msnbc analyst. msnbc analyst. david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama. steve, what is your read of the virginia outcome? everybody thought it was a blowout. would be called. and that was not the case. had it not been for the decision to pick the nominee at a convention, if republicans had an inclusive process, let voters determine it. it almost certainly would have resulted in a nominee who would have been the governor elect of virginia as we sit here at this hour. and -- the bottom line is -- the wrong message will be received by the tea party in the sense that, it will once again be a conspiracy on the part of the establishment, where they have been scre
and the higher copayments don't affect people. so that basic evidence is suggesting that it's something beyond economic conditions and something beyond higher deductibles for individuals. it's the affordable care act having some effect. how much is hard to ascribe but remember, this is just the effect of the affordable care act essentially changing the way health care is practiced and this is early. there are a number of exciting changes the affordable care act brings into place to control health care costs that haven't gone into place yet. >> there's another element that i observed over the years, which is when the government shows extreme interest in health care costs and health care inflation, it tends to go down, including and professor, this is kind of fascinating, in 1993-1994, when congress and the clintons were on the health care crusade to try to achieve what president obama did achieve they ended up doing absolutely nothing. they legislated absolutely nothing and yet during that two-year period of that crusade, these numbers went down. there was a reaction inside the health care sect
hill. >> my question is who is going to jail over the scandal. >> nobody. >> please, don't answer yet. >> once again. here we have, my republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> the 16 day government shutdown finally came to an end. >> god bless the tea party. >> the shut down was so magnificent. run beautifully. so proud of the republicans. >> let's be clear. there are no whinners here. >> every aspect of life in america today is worse. >> my republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> everything is worse. >> who is going to jail. >> obama care scandal, scandal, scan scandal. >> never tell the truth. >> have you really thought your strategy through? >>> tomorrow, you might be at the table sitting beside a beloved crazy relative who says something like this -- >> the politicians of washington tell us don't worry about it. obama care is just going to be peachy keen. you go to the 1940s. nazi germany. look, we saw in britain, neville chamberlain who told the british people, accept the nazis. yes, they'll dominate the continent of europe. but that's not our problem. let'
says he is basically just doing what he promised he would do. i guess we don't have it. what the president said was -- okay, now they're telling me we have it. let's hear the president say it instead of me. >> now, some of you may recall that when i first ran for president, i said it was time for a new era of american leadership in the world. one that turned the page on a decade of war and began a new era of our engagement with the world. and ass the president and as commander in chief, i have done what i said. we ended the war in iraq. we brought our troops home. osama bin laden met justice. the war in afghanistan will end next year. >> steve clemens is this a case of the president simply doing what he said he was going to do? >> when the president was elected, i wrote a piece at the time saying he would have to find his inner richard nixon. i meant he would have to figure out how to pry ortize, had to focus on one and to achieve something so big, that in mixon's, it's what he has done here is really run right against very rough water. a lot of opposition. he is changing the
cruzes call establishment republicans trying to go left. i listened to steve carefully. i don't hear leftism in steve schmidt. >> ted cruz is perfectly following the conservative model of rush limbaugh and other talk radio hosts. they constantly prick at the sort of hurt feelings and anger and range of their listeners to keep them hopped up and excite and listening all the time every quarter out they got to keep rolling them over. ted cruz follows that model. irony is that people like rush limbaugh and ann coulter are happy to have a democrat to beat up in the white house. this he don't have an interest in winning elections. it doesn't do them any good to have a republican in the white house because then what would they talk about? they would have to become devoted to that president which doesn't help their ratings. ted cruz is following the model of the people who least want to win elections, but he's using and claiming that could help win elections. it's so ironic but the reason why people like steve schmidt lose credibility among the base because they believe rush and it will help
's wrong. that was somewhat obvious. and you naturally said, you know, we don't know what we are going to do. but we do know what we won't dupe. we won't take life. >> cecile richard. what is your rinse to thesponse? >> just incredible. everyone is entitled to their religious views, certainly. this law has exempt,s for places of worship. the question here is really whether a corporation and, and owner of a corporation, for-profit corporation can impose their own religious views on their employees. this is a company that employs thousand across the country, who man of whom, i am sure rely on birth ironically, not only for preventing unintended pregnancy. many rely on birth control pills for a host of medical reasons. this really would be ground breaking for the supreme court to find that a private, for profit, employer can make personal medical decisions for women, rather than letting women make their own decisions with their doctors. >> what is your reaction to the president of hobby lobby saying the stance they're taking is, these are his words, we won't take life? >> again, as cecile
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 50 (some duplicates have been removed)